September is Campus Fire Safety Month

September is Campus Fire Safey Month. Having working smoke alarms and an emergency plan should be a priority for everyone! Please join us this September and make it a priority to promote campus fire safety awareness and support efforts in providing safe housing for all college students.

“For most students, the last fire safety training they have received was in grade school, but with new independence comes new responsibilities. It is important that both on- and off-campus students understand fire risks and know the preventative measures that could save their lives,” said State Fire Marshal Degnan. It is the intent that through Campus Fire Safety Month students will realize they are not invincible, that fires do happen in campus-related settings, and that students should take steps to protect themselves no matter where they live.

The leading cause of all fires is cooking fires, and the leading cause of all fatal fires is careless disposal of smoking materials-both preventable, but only if people are taught what to do to avoid them from happening. Degnan states, “This education starts in elementary school and should continue through college to help build a fire-safe generation for the future.”

August and September are typically the worst time of year for fatal campus-related housing fires.

Common Factors
According to information compiled by Campus Firewatch, 86 percent of the campus-related fire fatalities across the nation since January 2000 have occurred in off-campus housing. Five common factors in a number of these fires include:
• Lack of automatic fire sprinklers
• Missing or disabled smoke alarms
• Careless disposal of smoking materials
• Impaired judgment from alcohol consumption
• Fires originating on upholstered furniture on decks or porches

What is Campus Firewatch? Campus Firewatch, in publication since 2000, is a social enterprise focusing solely on campus fire safety issues. It has been a leader in raising awareness of the importance of fire safety at our nation’s campuses and a catalyst for numerous projects and efforts over the years. More information including informative videos can be found online at


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