Home For The Holidays!


Staying home and hosting friends and family this holiday season? Be sure to take a moment to double check, or create, your home emergency        preparedness plan and then SHARE with visitors.

TEST SMOKE ALARMS. If you didn’t change all the batteries on Nov 5th, PLEASE take a moment to do so now.

CARBON MONOXIDE ALARMS should be properly placed and working according to manufacturer’s directions.

Create an ESCAPE PLAN with TWO WAYS OUT OF EVERY ROOM. Hang it in a central location and practice with family members and visitors, especially those spending the night.

Establish an Outdoor MEETING PLACE.

Should an alarm sound, GET OUT and STAY OUT. Close all doors behind you. Do not return to the home for any reason.

REVIEW the use of 9-1-1 should an emergency arise and help be needed.

Traveling for the holidays? No matter where you are staying be sure to take a moment and review escape plans and safety measures for that type of home/occupancy. Keep your family SAFE this holiday season!

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