Barrington Fire Rescue

In 1944 the first organized Fire Department was established in the Town of Barrington, operating as a volunteer department. In 1978 the Barrington Emergency Medical Services was organized and operated as a volunteer organization separate from the Fire Department. Each having their own policies, procedures and command structure. As time went on there became a need for more space for Fire, Police and EMS services, in 2000 a new Public Safety Building (PSB) was opened with all three services under one roof, but still as separate organizations. As time went on and available daytime volunteers became harder to come by the need for some fulltime, daytime, staff was realized. It was also determined that in order to have paid Fire and EMS staffing that we would need to form one group. In July 2007 a Memorandum of Understanding (attached) was signed by the Fire and EMS Chiefs, and approved by the Town Board of Selectmen, stating that we would now become one Department under the direct supervision of the Fire Chief and be operated as two Divisions, a Fire Division and an EMS Division with an EMS Chief overseeing the EMS Division and having an EMS command structure separate from the Fire Division. Except for the Fire Chief who is responsible for the overall total operation, each Division shall be responsible for their respective field of operation.

As part of the overall plan a fulltime Fire Chief was hired in 2007 and a fulltime FF/ EMT was hired in 2008. Barrington Fire & Rescue Department is primarily staffed by Volunteers, but paid Staff are available for daytime Calls.

We work from a pager system. The EMS Division and the Fire Division are dispatched through UNH Dispatch in Durham. We work hand in hand with Barrington Police personnel, dispatched by Strafford County Dispatch.  When there are no Responders available a Mutual-Aid system has been established with the surrounding communities.

One Response to Barrington Fire Rescue

  1. Karen Labenski says:

    Thanks to all of the guys that showed up at my house last night (on a Sunday). Who knew boiling on the stove would set off all of the fire alarms? I appreciate the quick response even though it turned out to be nothing. Sorry if I got you all out of bed!

    Thanks again,
    Karen L.

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