Fire Safety Connects With Learning

Please check out Sparky’s fire-safety storybook app and eBook. Through real-life stories and interactive games, kids can learn important fire-safety messages to keep their families safe. This mobile app, for grades Prek-2, is packed with animation and games, while our eBook, for grades 3-5, mixes fire-safety messaging with fascinating stories of courage, quick-witted kids, science facts, and more. Featured are:
* Sparky Brain Busters Age 8-11
* Case of Missing Smoke Alarms Age 6-10
* Case of Sparky Birthday Surprise Age 3-5
* Sparky’s Match Game Age 3-5
* Rescue Dogs, Firefighting Heroes, and Science Facts Age 7-12 features interactive whiteboard lessons on fire safety, addressing phonics, math and reading comprehension. The website also includes a teacher/parent guide with discussion questions and activities aligned with Common Core standards.

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