Campus Fire Safety for Students

Going to college is an exciting time for students and their parents. Living in a new “home away from home” not only gives young adults more freedom to make their own choices, but it also puts upon them an increased level of personal responsibility while at school. Whether they are looking for a place to live or moving into a new found space, when it comes to on- and off-campus housing, it is important for students and parents to keep fire safety top of mind.

The NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) and The Center for Campus Fire Safety are teaming up to promote on- and off-campus fire safety for students. Throughout the school year, they’re asking students to raise awareness around the hazards of fire and take action on their own campus.
Also, this September Governor Maggie Hassan has signed the Campus Fire Safety Proclamation declaring September as Campus Fire Safety Month. Visit and for tips and ways you can help support colleges within your community by reaching out and find important fire and life safety information on how students can keep themselves safer as they begin to live away from home.



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